Freightol is a freight management system developed by a Spanish company that allows freight forwarders to digitise their operations on a global scale. I helped them redesign the platform UX/UI as well as the brand identity and marketing of their product.
Product User Experience and User Interface design
The primary objective of this UX design project is to enhance the user experience of a web-based application that facilitates the searching and obtaining of quotes for large freights. The application serves as a platform connecting users with different freight transportation providers, catering to various modes of transportation including air, maritime, and terrestrial.
Streamlined Quote Search

The redesigned interface allows users to input all required details for a freight quote on a single screen. This eliminates the need for navigating through multiple pages, reducing user friction and enhancing efficiency.

Quote search, checkout and tracking

The redesigned search result page, showing different prices for the quotation with a detailed breakdown, varies according to the type of quote that is required (road/naval and aerial).

After a shipment has been fulfilled it’s possible to track it and access all the relative information and documentations via the dashboard

Explainer video

I produced this motion graphics animation to illustrate the platform’s features and it’s now featured on the company’s website as a means of showcasing their product. Throughout the video the brand’s mascot, a key element of the new brand I conceptualised, leads the viewer trough the user journey.


I have been asked to restyle the existing logo, that appeared too basic, and develop a new one with a more distinct shape. The requirement for new brand was to effectively convey the platform’s purpose.
I submitted several proposal, each of them with the intent of communicating the platform scope:
1. The first option combined the deep blue of the sea and a lighter blue for the sky, crossed by a road going around a globe, that would also represent an F. 
2. The second one was representing the transportation/shipment world in the fashion of Amazon’s logo
3. 3rd and 4th option better represented the aerial freight, recalling a plane or a bird in the sky.
Approved design:

Eventually the company picked this version where the logo would be integrated in the letter G in the name, which became the symbol and also the arrow became the mascot of the platform, which has been used in social media promotions and in the product explainer video (see above)

Promotional Video

After finalising the new brand, I created this video as a crucial component for a  marketing campaign. It has been used on social media platforms and during presentations with prospective clients and stakeholders.

Company's website

Lastly, I contributed to the company by aiding in the design of their website’s homepage and inner pages. I also played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience for the registration process and the blog section:

Registration page
Pricing page

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