About the company
HubHub is a coworking and innovation platform created by HB Reavis that offers a flexible a workspace, private offices, event spaces, and community networking opportunities for individuals and businesses. I had the pleasure of supporting their newly opened location in London, producing promotional videos and designing collateral materials such as flyers and leaflets, taking photos of their spaces and shooting photos and videos at some of their events.
Branded e-flyers

These e-flyers were sent to community members to announce special events such as the London offices opening or the Christmas party.

The templates I created adhered to the brand’s style guidelines, incorporating the primary brand colors and featuring visual elements reminiscent of tribal alphabets. This design choice aimed to evoke a sense of community or tribal identity.

Photos and Videos

I shot photos of the space to use them for the company’s website and promotional material.
I also took photos and videos of community’s and co-working events taking place in the venues.

Printed Ads

As a mean to promote their spaces HubHub asked me to design a series of printed collaterals, these included leaflets, flyers and rollup banners to be used in promotional fairs

Animated banner

This is a video banner I designed to promote the co-working space at dedicated fairs. Positioned on a stand within the fair, it was played on loop to attract the attention of attendees and provide essential information about HubHub.

Events Calendar

The company organises community events for members every month. These vary from learning opportunity to networking events and sport and recreational activities.
I created these templates to promote these events on a visual calendar published on the website and inside the building.

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