International Student House

International Students House (ISH) is charity organisation located in London that provides accommodation, support, and a range of services for university students from around the world. I have worked with their marketing department for 4 years creating their website and taking care of all aspect of their visual communication.

Website design and development

I designed and developed the wordpress website that hosted blogs and information about facilities, upcoming events and trips, and also information for donors who wanted to support the charity.

Motion graphics explainer video

This short animated video I made explains what the ISH is and the charity’s mission.

Software used:

  • After effects
  • Illustrator
  • Premiere

Posters and flyers

Posters and flyers were distributed to advertise events inside the structure (printed or in digital screens) and in universities

Photos and videos

I occasionally took part at events and trips to take photos and videos to share on social media and to use for promotional material. I also produced some videos to explain the mission of the charity and to present the facilities around the building.

Mobile App UX/UI

I designed an app that served as a comprehensive and accessible platform that provided information and support for attending events, trips, and activities organized by International Students House (ISH).

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